Coaching, A Need for a Better Life.

Mohamed Shaaban Mohamed Shaaban
مقالة Career Coaching تاريخ النشر : 2 years ago

Life helps shape people's actions and reactions. Sometimes people feel independent, weak and not able to take their own choices. Some other times, people take wrong decisions. Due to certain circumstances, cultures, customs, beliefs, other people, fear, survival, and more, people get entrapped to suppress their creativity, freedom and free will. When people are free to choose, free from all of the above, they choose the best for themselves. They become natural, creative & whole. This belief is a commitment we, coaches, take firmly to our clients; it's the door to the wonderland of each client full of amazing surprises. our mission as coaches is to help our clients to be themselves, believe in their potentials, search deeply inside of the true they are, get rid of all the rust accumulated throughout life, and let their creativity shine, live happily naturally, and get fulfilled. Holding this stand constantly, we become so curious to discover what choices our clients can create, what possibilities they can come up with. No right or wrong choices. All they chose is best for them.

Heart, Mind, Body & Spirit are the focus dimensions of our coaching on our clients. We make very good use of their full senses to explore the actions and reactions of each of these dimensions either separately or collectively. Our client is a complete dynamic, multidimensional world, never flat, one-dimensional, superficial picture. Life with all its images, events, is recorded and saved in these dimensions, and it's all connected. Nothing is irrelevant. Triggering such dimensions to retrieve the full life of a person requires that we, coaches, focus on them all, explore them all, be curious about them all. All have been experiencing life together through unique forms of receptors, and project this same life uniquely, but collectively and unified. In a coaching session, a client mentions one topic, and we coaches are interested not in this one topic alone, but in the whole person to increase our awareness of our clients. It's like a plane taking off, and we start to see everything from above; small, but whole.

Our client, same as every human being, is more than just a face, body & words. Our client comes to us with richness of feelings, thoughts, joys, pains, energy, hopes, fears. What comes to the surface are just sounds, facial expressions, body movements. There is more to understand & communicate. There is lots of Pragmatics & Semantics in every word we hear. There is life behind. We, coaches, must be fully present in this moment when a word being uttered, when a reaction being acted, and respond based on what we understand, and respond to what our client needs us to. When the codes of communication are solved, then comes a scene of dance masterpiece where both partners surrender to each other out of trust, and hope.

Our clients come to coaching for an ultimate goal which could be a shift, a change, a decision to take, etc. Similarly, a coach wants that the client achieve such goals or else it becomes a story telling sessions. The coach has as well a bigger purpose, a vision for the client to connect to this decision, change or shift to their whole life. It is to create a way to live the best life. Once this happens, then comes the transformation. Transformation happens not at the end; it starts when a client choses their path of life, and it goes on like a chain or actions.

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