Your Most Important Company Asset: You

Khaled Mokhtar Khaled Mokhtar
مقالة Business Coaching تاريخ النشر : 1 year ago

The growth of tech and non tech startups in the region is significantly exponential, due to the wide span of opportunities, increase of allocated funding and the media focus nowadays.

The hype is healthy, creating a lot of opportunities for the generations and empowering youth to create their ideas and build their own future.

The first investors at any startup or a company are the “founders”; those who decided to sacrifice their time, their savings or their attractive jobs to create something of worth.

Founders should behave like investors when it comes to their own companies, their time is worth a lot of money, their experience and their knowledge are the key assets for growing a business, and here comes the real reason for anyone else who wants to become onboard or invest in the company: “that we - as founders - already invested a lot in our idea, and you are safe to invest with us”.

This shouldn’t be mixed up, a lot of people who don’t have the experience or can't offer a real value want to be part of the “community”. That’s too good to join, to learn, to get exposed to. But in fact, being a “CEO/ CXO” with a couple of years of total professional experience is a real failure.

Opportunity framing, creating long term customer relationships and shaping a differentiated portfolio are not easy. Here experience and knowledge do their magic in creating such opportunities.

One lesson I have learnt through the 15 years journey: “Your edge is what you can do best, the most efficient, the easiest and the fastest”.

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