Your Career Still Under Your Control

Marwan Ali Marwan Ali
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Every successful one in the workplace has a goal to achieve in his career life and everyone struggles to achieve his goals to reach his dream job which will bring to him the happiest and easiest life – as he expect at least – And to achieve this big goal we spent many hours in offices consuming lot of coffee and stay nights and days away of our families and friends, till reach a moment we face something which stop us, like a downsizing program at your company which ends up that you will be fired. Or a tough new manager who just hate you, or even unhealthy work environment which force you to compromise your values.

There are millions of reasons and show stoppers can stand in front of you to make you lose your dream, lose your goal and stay as un-successful person.

At this scene there are two actors

Actor 1 :

Who will give up and says “ It’s my luck, I did my best, but what I can do with this” after that he will start blaming everyone and everything to give a reason to himself that it was totally out of his hand. Then he will be very offensive with other and on the other hand will start to practice bad habits like Smoking, eating unhealthy food. Which ends with a person with a very low level of self-confidence and Steam..

Actor 2:

Will accept the challenge and will go back to his life purpose mission and his career plan to revise it and start in modifying his plan to achieve his DREAM even if he left his company to another to catch his DREAM. He will never blame anyone & he will stay balanced in his life. He will take the full responsibility toward his DREAM.

He knows totally the “map is not the territory” So he always “Proactive” to the climate changes, So he always update his skills and knowledge. He always “sharpen his saw” to keep his energy level high. He always give hand to others as he knows that “If you want to get, you should give first”.

This is the type we need to be.

1. Everything is under your control if you did your homework.

2. We put plans, So we can change it anytime.

It’s your story, Make it a Success Story.

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