How to handle panic attack?

Dina Mohieldin Dina Mohieldin
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After a long journey with panic attack which was the main reason to study coaching and being passionate to be a life coach.

I know that there are a lot of people who are suffering from it and finding great difficulty to overcome it that's why I am writing this to provide some helping tips and to know that you are not alone.

Panic attack first experience is so significant and extremely painful. you start panicking that you have a panic attack (you did not know before how it feels and you feel you are just going crazy or dying). You get trapped in why it is happening to me (going around and around in cycles in your mind),you don't know from where it came , what triggers it , why sometimes I have it suddenly without prior notice and why it happens even when I am having good time with family or friends.

You start denying and that it will take its time then it will vanish, then you get disappointed and it gets worse, starts to feel very stressed, weak, nobody can feel you, depressed, detached mentally and emotionally isolated, physically suffering ambiguous effects, your daily routine is negatively affected and stuck in only thinking about it.

Might cause insomnia (which an indication that you hate yourself that you can't control it) You lose joy and forget your passion about things.

Say excuses to others why you don't follow your routine (although you are not obliged to give excuses but you feel you have to as if you are guilty or you want to prove that you are strong).

Sometimes you feel you are just a child who needs protection and can't find it.

Some decide to go to a psychiatric and take a medicine, others decide to read about it to know more, others take herbal remedies and some tried all other things to get rid of it and sometimes it does not work.

The good news is that Most cases I have and suffered panic attacks are not weak personalities at all. they used to fulfill their goals, know what they want in most aspects in their lives, they think a lot and have a strong analytical skills.

There is a voice inside you tells you that you are weak because you have panic attack.

First tip

Don't fight with the voice inside you, its like a very aggressive, stubborn and intolerable person. Just tell the voice that its ok, thx for sharing and I know, tell the voice you are right,acknowledge the anger feeling in that voice, although it seems a weird technique but it works, the voice starts to calm down)

Some panic attacks don't allow you to drive If you can't drive because of panic attacks and the voice tells you that you can't do it.. just say its ok I will drive only 2min)

Make a plan for yourself ,if there is a place you want to go and it takes like 10 min driving then plan drop stops in your mind)

Make a plan in your mind that you can stop in the nearest gas station then you can stop if you are tired, this plan will provide you security and most probably you will not need it and the voice inside you will be more calm,if the distance is too long for you then shorten it to a distance you can handle.

Second tip

Do not stay all day without eating because low blood sugar triggers panic attack.

Third tip

Each panic attack I have dealt with through my clients has a positive intention, its kind of defense mechanism in an unhealthy form (search for ur positive intention)

For example, because people who suffered panic attack are independent characters so sometimes they perceive others forcing them to do something or perceiving some situations are forcing them to take a certain decision they don't like so panic attack appears to isolate them from the incident or avoid them from daily routine to avoid conflicts, as if your mind tells you to stop the feeling you are forced (which is the positive intension) but in an unhealthy and inflexible way.

You need to work on this positive Intention in a healthy way by determining what happened that made you feel you are forced in the first place, what other options you have and you This hidden reasons are buried in your subconscious that's it seems hard to handle panic attack, all you have to do is to dig deep and u may seek professional support to assist you to dig hard.

Fourth tip

Do a hobby, a nice routine you used to do when were younger even it was something silly but used to cheer you up like for example listening to a specific song, eat your favorite chocolate, see some people from golden days (those things will help you feel that you are the same person u used to be even if it sounds awkward for a moment and you don't feel the same amount of joy you used to have before ,its normal just go with the flow)

Fifth tip

Oblige yourself for a daily routine that gets you out of your home even for 10 min everyday (staying too much at home helps you go inside the cycle of loosing control over panic attack)

Six tip

Homeopathy do really help in the long run and helps you through the process of doing the above mentions tips.


I hope I could have helped some of you who suffers panic attacks and you can really overcome it .

Every experience comes for a positive reason and it grants you with an enlightenment process and better self discovery that allows you for better understanding for yourself and thus pursuing your passion.

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