Heal your heart

Dina Shaaban Dina Shaaban
مقالة Life Coaching تاريخ النشر : 1 year ago

Healing is letting go of old stories

Everyone of us has an old black box deep in our hearts .. full of stories ,its not about the stories its about the feelings held with the stories ..

For the sake of living the state of inner peace, love , joy and happiness this requires to be brave and strong enough to reach into this box about the negative feelings found within the box .. it could be fear anger sadness lost or any painful feeling found .

Its time to clear and free some space for better and useful feelings needed to start living our lives peacefully and happy.

Lets release our pain, be brave , be strong and confront whats inside your old black box.

It could be through writing or finding the suitable wise person who can listen and embrace you story.

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