The Four Legged Stool Business Startup Model

Abdelmoneim Darwish Abdelmoneim Darwish
مقالة Career Coaching تاريخ النشر : 2 years ago

What is the success formula to ensure proper business startup…..There is no one who can answer this question .
Yet there are lot of theories, speculations, point of views and experiments,…
Out of my experience I believe that all of those theories depend on 4 main pillars, which I call the 4 legged stool model. The startup four legged stool model is my personal point of view about the requirements for any entrepreneur or business startup. Usually not all of the four pillar are available from day one, yet it’s important to be sure that you have a proper plan on how you will support each pillar.

Briefly the four pillars are (Not in order of importance):

Stay tuned, I will be writing about each of those pillar in more details. If you advise to start discussing a certain pillar before the others, please leave a comment here.

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