Mind-Body-Soul Connection

Mai kamouni Mai kamouni
مقالة Stress Relief Specialist تاريخ النشر : 2 years ago

Our Emotions Affect Our Organs:
Every Emotion we feel or experience affect our organs and body as follows :

1) Anger (rage)

Liver-Gall bladder

2) Grief/Sadness (crying)

Lungs-Respiratory system

3) Overthinking

Spleen-Fatigue-Dizziness-Digestion (bloating)

Heart (palpitations)

4)Worry and Anxiety

Intestines-Stomach (upset-vomitting-diahrrea)-Lungs

5) Fear and shock

Shock: Heart (palpitations-Heart Attack-Panic attack)

Bladder (involuntary urination)


6) Over Joy


Heart (palpitations)


7) Stress

Brain (Headache-Migraine)

Heart (Hypertension)

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