Career Expectations… Motivation or Frustration?

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During my career in Human Resources, I reviewed so many CVs with cliché objectives & interviewed some of them to listen to their future plans & career expectations. The question I have in mind is what’s wrong with everyone’s career expectations?

Something is defiantly wrong because rather than becoming a source of motivation, usually it ends up to be one of the top reasons for your frustration as an employee.
If the deal breaker in your engagement, productivity & current career level success is the relationship with your manager (which is usually the #1 reason for an employee to resign) then the deal maker is not just a healthy relationship with your manager but as importantly is the future career opportunities, potential development & new exposure to challenges while having the needed empowerment & tools for such challenges.

Most Employees perceive career progress as a vertical ladder with specific titles, new business card, corner office & defiantly a pay increase hopefully with a driver. This perception is not entirely wrong yet it’s rarely straight vertical, you have to go all ways like
• Horizontal in same level jobs with a difference in scope, location, or department.
• Downwards in even – what seems to be – a lower level job yet in a learning environment, a growing organization, a different location or a rotational assignment.
• Out of the box (resigning) as sometimes, you are totally ready to move up yet there are no vacant positions or for some (out of your hands) reasons, you may not be the preferred successor so you will need to take a leap of faith elsewhere.

You have every right to be as ambitious as you dream to be & bluntly say that you are planning to be the CEO of a FORTUNE 500 Company, just think deeply if this is what you really want then once you decide, you should consider the forecasted magnitude & do your homework to research what’s needed along the way, as what most “top calibers” miss is that the journey is not only different due to your individual difference, but also it is ever changing due to the rapidly changing world we are living in & working at today.

You are the Chairman, CEO, CFO & HR Leader of your career so don’t expect your manager, your company’s HR or even your closest mentor, friend or family to do it for you. All those can support, empower, guide & coach you. Just keep in mind that’s it’s YOUR career so it’s in your hands to take charge of your Response-ability.

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