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Abdelmoneim Darwish Abdelmoneim Darwish
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Every business owner should keep an eye on three parameters. They should always be healthy. Having a problem in one of them can happen, and usually happens.
Having problem with two of them means you are facing a very hard time, and you should look for very quick recovery. Having a problem with three of them , hmmm, well , sorry to say this, but you are on a paved way to bankruptcy so you should seek an immediate rescue plan.
The first parameter is cash flow. You should always have a healthy cash flow. There are lot of techniques and strategies to work out your way during time of cash flow turbulence, I will be explaining more in future articles.
The second parameter is positive income statement. What I mean is, if you have a problem with the cash flow, yet your business is fruitful and profitable, then you should be able to overcome the cash flow issue with proper cash and funds management.
The Third parameter is positive strong pipeline. If you are in a good cash position, and having profitable business, yet there is no clear business flow, then you should work immediately and aggressively to get things back to track.
In my future articles I will be writing about the 8 cases ( the possible combination when you have three parameters, you need to review high school math
If you have a preference for which case I should start with , please write it in your comments, and I will be happy to accommodate that.

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