Understanding depression

Dina Mohieldin Dina Mohieldin
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‘’Depression’’ seems like a very familiar word to most of people nowadays but how can I know that I am suffering a disorder and not only feeling low or down.

Human is a set of different emotions and being sad is one of them, it is very normal that you experience sadness but what is not normal is sadness turns to be the dominant feeling you have.

A person with depression tends to interpret ambiguous situations as threatening or extremely negative. For example ‘’ you agreed with your friend that you will meet him in the evening for a cup of coffee, your friend is late and his mobile is switched off. If you are depressed you will instantly think that your friend skipped the outing because he does not like you or does not have time for you’’. you will feel sad on spot although you don’t have an evidence about what happened.

How sadness is developed?continuing on the example above, the first feeling was experienced that you feel sad because your friend ignored you, then you feel he ignored you because you are not a nice character, then you feel all people think I am not a nice character even my own friends think so, then you feel I am not important to anyone, you start avoid people, you start to lose your energy, and finally you feel you are a loser, worthless and does not worth living.

The above example is a simple example to illustrate how a depressed person develop his feeling and in real life its much more painful because everything in his life is translated to the set of thinking and feeling mentioned above.

The good news that it is curable, a therapist create a comfort zone for his patient, shows empathy in order to allow his patient to cooperate to break the cycle of negative feelings.

One of the main therapy is called psycho-education , which the therapist explains how our mind operates and how you feeling develops.

Another very important tool in therapy is called ‘’graded exposure’’ ,which means that after your therapist explains to you how you develop your feeling ,he or she asks you to have a planned exposure to show you evidence that your feelings are not solid. In order to reach this level, the therapist should plan with you how to get exposed and to tell him/ her what will be extremely overwhelming for you and what can be an easy exposure for you. The patient should feel that he is not pushed to something he cant handle but rather feel that he or she is having a complete support from therapist and he will not be left alone in the middle of no where.

Finally, if you have a relative , friend or a colleague who suffers depression just show empathy, let him /her know that he is important and valuable and never judge his life or feelings.

In my next article ,I will show in detail what are the thinking errors that we might do unconsciously.

If someone who suffers depression and reading my article just know ‘’YOU ARE NOT ALONE’’.

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