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Mustafa Mohsen Executive Coaching , Life Coaching , Business Coaching


I have over 15 years of diverse experience in various fields including training, consulting, counseling, business & performance coaching, computer programming, networks & security, mathematics, psychology and others.

I founded Mustafa Mohsen Institute, a professional coaching, training and consulting institute, in order to provide the highest quality result-oriented training & consulting services. I introduced various creative and highly appreciated programs to the local market including Multidimensional Thinking™, NLP for Business, I Can Speak!, High-Voltage Selling™, High Voltage Learning and many others.

After being intensively benchmarked for all the training and presentation skills, and after showing the required excellence and competency, I was on of the first Egyptians and Arabs to be certified as a Neuro-semantics trainer by the International Society of Neuro-Semantics. Neuro-Semantics is currently the latest developments in unleashing human potential, based on the work of Maslow, Cognitive-Behavioral Psychology, and others.


Per Hour


Per Half Hourr


    Executive Coaching,

    Life Coaching,

    Performance Coaching,

    Training and Mentoring Coaches,

    Change and self-actualization coaching


    Associate Certified Meta-Coach (MCF)
    Certified Neuro-Semantics Trainer
    Certified Self-Actualization Psychology Trainer
    Certified Mind Lines Trainer
    Group and Team Coaching
    BSc of Management and Information Systems

    Experience:I worked with clients from Egypt, U.S.A, Indonesia, Malaysia, India, and other countries. Thus, have a wide experience with overseas coaching and consulting.

    I aim to rise the training standards in the local, and then the regional market, and to spread awareness of results-orientation in the services sector.

    Currently, besides my training and coaching job, I run one of the first Egypt's local chapter of the International Society of Neuro-Semantics® (ISNS) and Meta Coaching. I provide consultancy for the local ISNS members, as well other performance enhancement professionals and enthusiasts. I was recommended by L. Michael Hall, Ph.D., the head of ISNS, for his knowledge and studies, training skills, ethics and vision. Please check the recommendations section

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