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Mai Shaaban Fitness Coaching , Life Coaching , Stress Relief Specialist


Mai shabaan is a life coach. I focus on making a positive impact on people, So my mission is to make people lives better by helping and supporting them when they have negative emotions or habits.

Throughout my expertise in coaching, I help you learn to regulate your thoughts, manage your emotions, and behave productively despite your circumstances. You will learn the necessary tools to heal your emotions after trauma, overcome obstacles, change habits and thoughts and avoid negative behaviors—feeling sorry for yourself and dwelling on the past. I firmly believe that coach will contribute to make life better for you and know the key to reaching your greatest potential.


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    Emotional healing

    Change habits

    Phobia cure therapy



    Since 2015, I’ve been working as a life coach. I got a lot of accredited certificates. I studied this field because I'm interested in making other people's lives better and reaching their full potential. I helped hundreds of people develop better self-acceptance, overcome traumatic experiences, deal with tragedy and pain, and lose a lot of weight. All of this is by the techniques and tools of coaching that teach people to heal their emotions and change their thoughts and habits. Customers from a lot of different countries access my online sessions.


    Meta-NLP practitioner by ISNS( international society of Neuro -Semantics )19-12-2015

    Meta states model of reflexivity (APG) by ISNS 28-01-2016

    Phobia cure therapy by ISNS 3-02-2016

    Meta states model of reflexivity (APG) by ISNS 13-08-2016

    Meta states model of reflexivity (APG) by ISNS 26-01-2017

    Emotional healing by PEAT (zivorad slavinski) 18-02-2017

    Mind- lines model by ISNS 20-03-2017

    Figuring out people (meta program ) by ISNS 23-07-2017

    Faculty of Engineering, Mechanical power Engineering 2006

    Diploma of process control in mechatronics 2016

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