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I have an Engineering degree from Cairo University though my lifetime passion is Children, my Life philosophy since I was 14 years old is: “Let’s raise children who won’t have to recover from their childhoods –Pam Leo”. I spent about 10 years just volunteering in several NGOs who work directly with children. But within my work in the Computer Engineering field, I decided to study Counseling and psychology and after two academic years I got a diploma in Counseling Psychology, my major was Children Psychology, and since then I quit Engineering and I insisted on having some practical live experience with my real passion CHILDREN!! I taught Foundation 1 stage children for 4 years at International British nurseries and schools.

Then I decided that “Parenting” is my real call, being with children for even more than 8 hours daily will change nothing, if the parents are unaware or uneducated enough on how to deal and raise their children. So I started working in several organizations like “Eye on child”, Petra College- South Africa, Learning resources Center, Egypt and Mini Academs, Egypt in which I worked with both children and parents which really was very effective.

Through working in such organizations I got my Bachelor of Arts degree in counseling psychology from Southwest Bible College & Seminary, Georgia, USA. And I am now working on my masters.

Last year I finally started my small Organization “Let The Children”, which mission is spreading the awareness, tools and skills necessarily needed to raise a child who won’t need to recover from his childhood through courses, workshops and counseling sessions.

My dream is coming true through days, but my Passion is still starving for more.


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    How can Ereeny help you ?

    - Raising children that won't need to recover from their childhoods through:

    - Basic parenting skills

    - Parenting challenges

    - Awareness tools and techniques



    Bachelor of Arts in Christian Counseling Psychology, Southwest Bible College & Seminary, Georgia,USA, Graduated November 2015, Grade: Excellent.

    General counseling Diploma, major is children Psychology, development and raising techniques, Christian Counseling Institute, Maadi, Graduated June 2010, Grade: Excellent.

    Computer engineering department, Faculty of Engineering, Cairo University, Graduated May 2008, Accumulative Grade: Very Good with honor

    Certificates or trainings

    -Time management at Valeo Online Campus:
    -Boost your everyday effectiveness at Valeo Online Campus:
    -Basic communication tools at Valeo Online Campus:
    -Manage your stress at Valeo Online Campus
    -Skills for Life" training course, Society of Petroleum Engineers By Dr. Amr Osman "October 2007"
    -Effective technical report writing-brilliance, Brilliance- Human Capital Counseling "July 2009"

    -Effective time management-brilliance, Brilliance- Human Capital Counseling "May 2010"

    -“Children Foundations 1”- EOC, Eye on Child (EOC), Egypt-Petra College-South Africa "September 2010"

    -“Children Foundations 2”- EOC, Eye on Child (EOC), Egypt -Petra College-South Africa "November 2010"

    -“Train of trainers”- EOC, Eye on Child (EOC), Egypt-Petra College-South Africa "February 2011"

    -“Train of Trainers” - Safe NGO, Egypt "August 2013"

    -“Tutor course” - Petra College (Institute for children’s ministry), South Africa "October 2013"


    ·May 2016 till now at Effective People, Heliopolis, Egypt.
    - Director Assistant

    ·March 2016 till May 2016 at Learning Resources Center (LRC), Maadi, Egypt.
    - Early Intervention Program (EIP) & Behavior Therapist (ABA)

    ·October 2015 till March 2016 at Mini Academs, corporate, 5th Settlement, Egypt.
    - Head of Psychology Department

    ·June 2015 October 2015 at Mini Academs, corporate, 5th Settlement, Egypt.
    - Senior Psychologist

    ·June 2013 till February 2014 at Eye on Child NGO, Egypt - Petra College, South Africa.
    - Administration coordinator and assistant to the Head of training
    · Evaluate trainings

    ·April 2011 till April 2013 at St.Fatima School – British section
    - Foundation 1 Class teacher

    ·September 2010 till April 2011 at First Class Nursery-Heliopolis
    - Class teacher at the English section
    ·December 2008 till August 2010 at Valeo-Smart village (CMMI level 3 certified)
    - Embedded Software Engineer at “Valeo Detection & Switches Systems” team.

    - Process improvement engineer at quality assurance dept.

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