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شيرين حتاخدك لعالم جديد أساسه التنظيم، وبنظرة جديدة لبيتك وحياتك حتتعلم إزاى تنظيم أغراضك ووقتك وفلوسك ممكن يغير حياتك للأفضل. حتتعلم أسرع الطرق وأسهل الخطوات اللى تقدر بيها تدير روتين حياتك اليومية بشكل احترافى زى المدير تمام. وإزاى تتخلص من الكراكيب اللى مشتته تفكيرك وكمان توفر فلوس ووقت لنفسك. كل ده في وقت قصير جدا.

للمزيد عن فكرة إدارة البيت

Sherine Can guide you through a new look to your home and life… she can teach you quick ways and easy steps to manage your daily routine, cut clutter, save money and gain time for yourself.
In a short period of time you will learn how organizing your possessions, time and money can change your life to the better for good.


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    Sherine Ezzeldine is a certified professional organizer with over 10 years’ experience working with international programs and projects. Currently she is the founder and life coach of the Home Management Program, TV and Radio guest and considered an entrepreneur as she is the first to introduce the concept or Organizing for Life in Egypt and the Middle East.

    Sherine is providing unique service to its customers:
    The new concept of managing homes as companies for more simple and well organized life; through efficient and quick ways to organize and maintain order.


    Bachelor of Business Degree from Cairo University and a Diploma from the AUC in the same field.
    Member of the International Association of Professional Organizers, USA.

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