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How Hanady can help you?
Goal Setting
Facing Fears
Building / Crashing Habits
Awareness into Action


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    Hanady is a coach and a corporate trainer. She can help you with Self discovery, setting goals, facing fears, discovering the dominant values, beliefs and help you get rid of the toxic ones. Change management, Paradigm shifts and Emotion intelligence.

    Her real strength lies in her attention to details, articulation and in the way, she listens to her clients as she listens actively and deeply to the whole person, their words, perceptions and feelings to understand the real challenges they are facing, listening for what moves them and what wants to emerge, with compassion.

    Reframing and mirroring back what she has heard and helps them hear it anew and gain awareness. Asks powerful questions to help them clarify, shift perspective, stimulate & provoke or align action with direction.

    Challenges them to be true to themselves, develop awareness and help them move forward. She helps people find their inner talent, meet their true self and develop it to its full potential in order to maximize results in their lives.

    Hanady has a corporate experience of more than 7 years in well-known multinational companies such as United Nation’s Program (UNDCCP), Hindawi for Publishing corporation, International Turnkey Systems (ITS) and Huawei.


    - ACC (Associate Certified Coach accredited) from ICF (International Coach Federation)

    - DCC (Dialogical Certified Coach accredited from Francisco de Vitoria University in Madrid (Spain) )

    - ACMC (Associate certified Meta Coach) accredited from Meta Coaching Foundation

    - Co-Active coach accredited from Life Coaching Egypt (LCE)

    - Neuro Semantics Practitioner of Meta States (Coaching Genius AKA Accessing Personal Genius and Mind Lines) accredited from The International Society Neuro-Semantics (ISNS)

    - Certified Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) Master Practitioner accredited from The American Board of Hypnotherapy and Neuro-linguistic Programming (ABNLP)

    - Certified Time Line Therapy Practitioner (TLT) accredited from Time Line Therapy® and NLP Coaching

    - Certified Trainer accredited by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Communication and Information Technology and Life Coaching Egypt (LCE)

    - The Art and Practice of Coaching (Core Competencies Training) accredited by the ICF
    License of English Literature

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