Shift my career

Mina Fared Mina Fared
سؤال Career Coaching تاريخ النشر : 1 year ago
What are main reasons which force me to shift my career?

ConsulTrust Admin ConsulTrust Admin

Changing career in my opinion is sometimes very healthy. Specially if you are not happy in your current job. Employees now started to take assessments to understand their passion and follow this passion. As not always passion is something can be followed, but there is some reasons also we need to look into them to take decision to shift career. 1- Your Life Has Changed:  2- The Job Outlook For Your Career Field Has Become Poor 3- You Are Experiencing Job Burnout 4- Your Job is Too Stressful 5- Your Work Bores You 6- You Want to Earn More Money 7- Your job is becoming obsolete soon Are you still undecided about whether to change careers? Talk to one of our experience coaches and get the answer you deserve

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