What are the main characteristics of a personal mentor?

Dr. Hebah Faden Dr. Hebah Faden
سؤال Life Coaching تاريخ النشر : 1 year ago
1- What kind of education do you personally think he has to have to be your mentor?

2- Does the social status of the mentor make any difference to you?

3- Any religious preferences ?

4- What type of emotional intelligence traits and skills is a must to be in your mentor?

5- Do you know the difference between a mentor and a caoch?

6- How frequently do you think you need to meet your mentor ( if time and money was not a barrier) ?

7- Would you prefer an open discussion where you lead and suggest the topics to your mentor? Or would you prefer that has a mentoring plan that is tailored according to your needs and goals?

Thanks for your input !


ConsulTrust Admin ConsulTrust Admin

Thank you Dr. Hebah for your detailed question. Unfortunately we will not be able to answer your question now. Thank you so much

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