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Business coaching is designed to help the business team to achieve their maximum performance in the right direction for the business growth. Both large and small businesses can benefits from business coaching because it works on the development of the business bottom line improvement of individuals’ performance. The business coach does not need to be an expert in your business area, although many of them have a strong business experience and background, because their role is to help you find out your own strategies, solutions and action plans that improve your business. Additionally, business coach help you to follow up your plans.

According to the need of the work, business coaching can be created and tailored to impact, top-level executive, middle managers or even front line staff.

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How does business coaching go?

There is no static strategy for business coaching that fits every business, each corporate has special needs that is assessed by the business coach at the starting sessions. According to this initial assessment the coaching strategy is formulated and the action plan is started up.

Small business coaching is professional and personal development to promote continuous growth and strength. It's about creating motivation and success in your business, and as a natural extension, your whole life.

Your small business coach helps you to move forward: clarifying your goals, creating a strategy for completing those goals, and having a support framework in place to lead you towards a successful life. It's about achieving more, in less time.

Who needs the business coaching?

Both small business and large ones need to hire a professional business coach to enhance their performance, increase their revenue and get better working environment. However, the coaching strategy would differ according to the business need.

Small business owners may need a coach who can both provide professional business advice in addition to other business work such as writing business plans, project management, and human resources tasks.

On the other hand, large business may benefits from business coach in many areas such as improved teamwork sprit, setting a clear corporate goals, having better communication between all levels of employees as described by those who hired a business coach

What is the business coaching programs we have?

1-business planning & strategy

Perfect for: this program is for existing self-employed small business owners who want a clear vision about their business model design, and where to expand and/or improve it.
Every business needs a plan, a strategy that defines your vision, your goals and how you are going to reach them. A simple business strategy can take your business to the next level. Don't let business planning and strategy fall by the wayside; plan today and reap the benefits for years to come.
Choose the areas where you’d like to focus:

  1. Clarify your vision for your business
  2. Explore right business model for your business
  3. Craft long-term goals and short-term action plans
  4. Set prices and determine your revenue and expense model
  5. Brainstorm new products and services
  6. Determine which staff or subcontractors to hire
  7. Find more efficient ways to run your office
  8. Design your brand

2-Marketing planning: grow your business

Perfect for: existing business owners who need detailed help to create smart marketing plans to increase reach and revenue.
You've been in business for a while now and you want to grow your business to the next level. Wise move.
Now is the time to think strategically -- and create a marketing plan that leverages your time and money to create the next-level business for you.
This is the perfect program for you if you are ready to transform your marketing model, or want to brainstorm and review your existing marketing materials.
Choose the areas where you’d like to focus:

  1. Increase revenue and profits
  2. Reach more potential customers
  3. Get known for your expertise
  4. Create marketing goals, strategies and campaigns
  5. Select powerful traditional and internet marketing techniques that showcase your products and services
  6. Design marketing materials
  7. Drive traffic to your business and website

3-Starting a new business

Starting a new business? This step-by-step program is designed to walk you through your entire business and marketing model, making sure you have all the pieces in place to jump start your business.
How do we do that? Together we’ll use the exclusive compass visual roadmap, a visual business and marketing planning tool that gives you flexibility to visibly "try out" business and marketing models before you commit to them.
We’ll have 8 phone sessions over a three month period so that you can keep momentum and accountability as you design and start your business. You'll walk away with a business strategy and a marketing plan to launch and grow your new business.

How much business coaching cost?

There are many price list for business coaching that is available for both large and small businesses which depends on the number of sessions required, business coach experience, areas that would be tackled in coaching processes. Contact our customer support team ( who would help you select the suitable coaching package for your business. Invest in business coaching and see its value in the return on investment (ROI). You can also schedule meeting immediately with one of our professional business coaches, prices vary from $50-150 per hour.

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