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Why Choose ConsulTrust

Why Choose ConsulTrust?

ConsulTrust is a platform that you can use from anywhere at any time to seek knowledge helping you to face your daily life routine. We offer Life, Career or Family Coaching through our Certified and Trained Coaches.

Professional and Secured Professional and Secured

Our coaches are licensed, trained and have the experience needed to guide you through every aspect of life. With our professional coaches and a secured platform, be sure that your secret is in a safe place.

Save Time and Effort Professional and Secured

Save time and effort through our online secure platform, select a date and time, book an appointment and You will able to attend your session from work, Home or even another country.

Live anytime anywhere Live anytime anywhere

You will never be late again for a session, you will able to attend Live sessions through our online web based and mobile platform from anywhere at any time. All you need is access to the internet and you are ready to go.

Our Services

Professional and Secured


Regularly we host a Webinar with our top Coaches to guide you through your daily life. Be sure to book your seat, your attendance is FREE.

Professional and Secured


Our courses are hosted regularly by our coaches. You will be sharing the course with others to maximize your learning experience and sharing your knowledge. Check our Courses list to choose from a varies categories that fits your needs

Professional and Secured

Private Coaching Sessions

Your privacy is a priority. With our Private Coaching Session, be sure that the consultation is within you and your coach. We are using the latest security certificate through our platforms to maximize your coaching experience with total protection.

Private Programs

We have Programs tailored for you, it is designed to train you within a period of time, guiding you in from taking the first steps till the end when you are ready to be on your own.

Professional and Secured

Our Consultants

ConsulTrust has a variety of consultants in many specialty areas, you can proceed all kinds of consultations with one click away, all of our consultants have high professional standards in giving their advice, they have long experience, highly educated and trained.

Check Our Consultants

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How to use ConsulTrust?


Open the services tab and choose from a variety of areas that suites your needs, also you can select your favorite coach and check his available courses.

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Select the most convenient date and time for you from the calendar. and surely you will receive a notification and an Email reminding you with the appointment.

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You can pay through multiple channels:

  • Online payment: Safe, Secure and Easy.
  • Cash or a bank transfer.

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Start Talking

Choose your convenient way to start the session, A PC or the Mobile Application.And Start Talking.

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Rate & Share

After every session, you will be able to rate the Coach and even share the rating with your loved

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You were always in our mind creating while creating the platform. In case you forgot to ask a question, you can always come back and ask the coach what you want, and once answer you will receive a notification.

  • Select
  • Booking
  • Payment
  • Start Talking
  • Rate & Share
  • Questions

Our Specialty Area

“We have four main coaching specialties; Career, Fitness, Life and Business Coaching. Every coach has his own set of skills, knowledge and expertise, in which qualifies him to give consultation and coaches is his area of expertise. You can read articles written by experienced coaches, ask them question or even book a session with them. Just choose which area you are seeking information, and start your learning experien

For Corporates

Are you running a company that wants to coach its employees?

  1. We assess your employees through a qualification assessment.
  2. A full report will be made with all the personality skills and gaps of your
    employees, and what you need to fill these gaps.
  3. We will offer you competitive packages to suit your needs.

Tell us more about your problem, and we will recommend the best coach suited for you

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