About Us


ConsulTrust is a platform that you can use from anywhere at any time to seek knowledge helping you to face your daily life routine. We offer Life, Career or Family Coaching through our Certified and Trained Coaches.

We will ensure that your enquiries – no matter which field they belong to are answered professionally through booking an on-going online session with any required consultant. Professional articles written by the certified consultants will be provided concerning various fields for you as a customer to acknowledge and learn from. Consultants will have pre-existing rates given to them from previous consultees to be able to build on their experiences while choosing your professional consultant. Also, you will be able to rate the ones you have had the opportunity to attend an online session with.


To inspire people’s life through secure, user friendly and affordable online consultations provided by professional and trusted team of consultants.


is Professionalism, Privacy and Efficiency
We know that life is fast paced, and we parish the of value time, that’s why we have created ConsulTrust Platform, it has facilitated the communication between the User and his Coach. You will be able to attend your session from anywhere at any time through our website or Mobile Applications.
Because we always look to be the best we insure that our Coaches is certified and highly trained to give the best service you deserve. And because your privacy is our concern you can always schedule a private session and you secret will be in a safe place.
We have created a Blog for users to read articles written by our Coaches, and users can contribute and engage each other with their daily life routine, as they can help each other or seek advice from our professional coaches.

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