Fitness Coaching

Fitness is a key to a happy life, but it is just more than eating well. It is about eating the correct food in the correct time, having a healthy relationship with family, friends, and colleagues, and balance all of this with a workout routine, through the Gym or a sport of your choice.

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Our Consultants

Who is the Fitness Coach?

According to the institute of Integrative Nutrition in New York, a fitness coach is a wellness authority and supportive mentor who motivates individuals to cultivate positive fitness choices. fitness coaches educate and support clients to achieve their fitness goals through lifestyle and behaviour adjustments. Fitness coaching professionals are usually trained in various dietary theories and science of fitness behaviour change to help patients find their best lifestyle.

Your fitness coach will fill the gap that your doctors, and nutritionists don’t have the time or resources to fill. A Fitness Coach integrate their medical background with coaching skills to manage chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, metabolic syndrome etc. In addition to keeping your overall wellness i.e. The degree at which anyone feels positive and enthusiastic to life as described by the centres for disease control and prevention.

However, fitness coach is not a physician, so he/she cannot prescribe medication, change medication dose, or diagnose conditions.

Who needs the Fitness Coaching?

You need a Fitness Coach if you want to:

  1. Adopt fitness habits.
  2. Manage your chronic and acute Fitness conditions (heart diseases, immune diseases, diabetes etc.).
  3. Control your weight.
  4. Find out suitable diet program to keep energetic life.
  5. Overcome any type of addiction.

What should I prepare before the first meeting?

For the first meeting, you should be ready to provide your fitness coach with the following:

  1. Your fitness history
  2. Your goals in hiring a fitness coach
  3. The contact information of your fitness provider so your coach can communicate with if needed
  4. Discuss with your fitness coach complementary therapies.

Then you can discuss your expected fitness plan that would suit you and the different techniques that your fitness coach use with to achieve your goals.

How much Fitness Coaching cost?

The session coast range from 50 to 150$ according to the coach experience, training and qualification. With ConsulTrust, there are especial offers for the follow up sessions.

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